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  • The Fiscal Health of Erie Nonprofits

    Doing Well, But at a Cost

    In its annual look at the size and health of the nonprofit sector in Erie County, The Nonprofit Partnership (NPP) has found surprising strength and resiliency but also signs of weakness that point to the need for continuing investment. Overall, 65% of the members of The Nonprofit Partnership showed a financial surplus in 2014, a 3% increase over the previous year and a 20% increase over 2012.

    This compares very favorably with nonprofits across the nation, only 47% of whom posted surpluses in 2014 according to the “State of the Sector” survey conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund. See our 2015 Nonprofit Reality Check Infographicmore >

  • What Do Nonprofits Stand For?

    Nonprofit leaders and the general public agree on at least one thing - nonprofits own the value of caring. But both of those groups need to update and refresh their concept of what values characterize nonprofit work. The bottom line is that nonprofits care enough to employ people. See the Nonprofit Listening Post Study of nonprofit employment data by region. more >

  • Inventorying Our Assets: Nonprofits Employ People

    Employment is still the hot-button issue today, and while it’s not news that nonprofit work is overwhelmingly a people-to-people business, recent data highlights the fact that even in spite of the recession, nonprofits are seeing job growth while the rest of the economy is shedding jobs at a significant rate. According to data released by the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Economic Data project and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and chronicled in the newly released The State of Nonprofit America, nonprofit jobs grew at a cumulative rate of 5% between 2007 and 2010 while job in the for-profit sector declined at an 8% rate during the period. Overall, nonprofits have grown 20% faster than the rest of the economy since 1977. more >

Story Corner

The Nonprofit Partnership supports the development and dissemination of organizational stories through multiple media and in a variety of settings to help you reach your intended audience with your compelling message.

YMCA Kids Club Video: A Heart of the City Transformation Story

What's Happening

Communications Makeover

Makeover Projects

NPP's Communications Makeovers align the content and strategy in your primary tools: website, e-news, brochure, and annual report. Our continuous consultation model offers a package of services to guide you through improvements to your most important communication tools.

Measuring Outcomes

Measuring Outcomes

The Nonprofit Partnership has a great collection of tools and guidance that will help you measure the impact of your program in the community and tell your compelling story with authority. Individual consultation is also available from our staff to help you craft a logic model that expresses the essence of your work and its impact.

Strategy and Business Planning

Strategy and Business Planning

Today we find an increasing number of our member organizations are having to re-tool their strategic plans and sharpen their business plans to focus more on realistic, sustainable strategies for organizational growth and success. Many are finding the answers they are seeking in short-term, focused work with NPP staff.

Get Connected

Get Connected Volunteer Portal

The Nonprofit Partnership and United Way of Erie County have an online volunteer portal to match agency needs with the skills and interests of the many giving and caring individuals who support their communities by giving of their time and talent daily. Enter your profile now and join the volunteer movement here in Erie County.

Get Connected


In addition to our own education offerings, The Nonprofit Partnership maintains listings of and links to high-quality webinars on topics that are in the greatest demand by members: marketing and communication, fund development, management, and governance. Changing by the week, see them here.

Community Fund Drives

Community Fund Drives Committee

The Nonprofit Partnership serves as staff to the Erie Community Fund Drives Committee, a group of leaders who advise and fulfill a quality assurance role regarding the conduct of capital campaigns in Erie County. If your organization is thinking about a capital campaign, please consult the planning resources in this section.

Our mission:

To enhance the management and governance of regional nonprofit organizations through capacity-building programs and services.


The Nonprofit Partnership serves as staff for the Erie Community Fund Drives Committee and in this role offers training, technical assistance, and guidance for the development of best practice capital campaigns.
Community Fund Drives resources


Quick Link Resources for Nonprofit Webinars, Social Media help, and more...

BoardSource Governance Resources and Webinars

Charity How To (Webinars and Nonprofit Tutorials)

John Haydon (Facebook and Social Media Expertise)

Nonprofit Web Advisor (Nonprofit Webinars)

Social Brite (Social Media Solutions for Nonprofits)

Upcoming Events

Standards for Excellence Implementation Workshop

Wednesdays: February 17 and March 16, 2016 8:30 am - 4:00 pm at WQLN Learning Center, 8425 Peach Street, Erie.

Presented by Strategy Solutions - Supported by PANO and The Nonprofit Partnership

Are you an organization that wants to move to the next level of effectiveness? If the answer this questions is YES, YOU (and your board/leadership team members) have the opportunity to attend the Standards for Excellence® Ethics and Accountability Program for the Nonprofit Sector. The new Standards 2.0 content comes complete with useful tips and strategies about how to apply the standards to your organization.


Social Media 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 9:00 to 11:00 am at WQLN Learning Center, 8425 Peach Street, Erie.

Presented by Amanda Karns, Dorado Creative Group

With new platforms and constantly evolving strategies and tools for maximizing your reach and visibility in social media, a workshop like this offers a needed update and an opportunity to network with peers around what's working best. Please plan to join us for this session that is geared toward experienced managers and staff as you re-tool in an ever-changing environment.


Building Your Network Through LinkedIn

Thursday, March 3, 2016 9:00 am to Noon at WQLN Learning Center, 8425 Peach Street, Erie.

Presented by Cathy vonBirgelen, e-Marketing Learning Center

Please plan to join us for this session that will examine all facets of the LinkedIn platform, an essential tool for nonprofit networking and ambassadorship. Cathy will cover optimizing your personal profile, setting personal and organizational goals, making relevant connections, finding and joining groups, following clients and donors to build community, and metrics and validation.


Budgeting for Nonprofits

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 9:00 to 11:00 am at WQLN Learning Center, 8425 Peach Street, Erie.

Presented by Robert Wooler, Director of The Nonprofit Partnership

Budgets – once just a simple tool to map revenues and expenses – now we see it as a weapon of destruction that can be used to wreak havoc in the hands of state leaders. In this workshop we will try to put of PTSD aside and focus on the art and science of building program and agency budgets in the era of uncertain revenues and volatile expenses. Whether its for a grant proposal or you’re starting in on the challenge of building your agency budget for the next fiscal year, this session will offer best practices, examples, and templates that will quickly put you in command of the numbers instead of the other way around.

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