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You hear it and see it everywhere. One of Erie's most prominent needs is strong schools and better educational outcomes. Erie Vital Signs points to education as a primary community need. Employers and civic boosters know strong schools build attractive communities. Yet this is not evident in our public budgeting process with continuing public disinvestment in public schools and higher education and continuing budget cuts that affect our most vulnerable citizens in cuts to medical assistance and other critical areas. Last year, Pennsylvania spent 13% more on its prisons that its colleges. For the upcoming fiscal year, Gov. Wolf's proposals bring new revenues to school districts and boost budget fortunes in a refreshing variety of new ways. See the impact for the Erie area's Senate District 49.

The road back to healthy degree of support for education and access to basic services, plus strengthening a continuum of services from birth through young adulthood, will require developing new revenue streams and participating more actively in the local dialogue around education and local priorities. Erie has abundant social capital that gives us the tools to connect and advance this dialogue as demonstrated in a recent Mercyhurst University study of social capital in our region

Links to key resources that will keep you focused on the path to a healthier community include:

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Your talking points for a healthy and balanced approach to the Pennyslvania budget are here: The Budget Principles Guide from the PA Budget and Policy Center and PennFuture.

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